Hindu Cremation often occurs within 24 hours of death. Many Indians in the UK choose to scatter the ashes of a loved one in a local river, or at a place of meaning to the family. Traditionally, on the day following a Hindu funeral, the ashes are immersed in the Ganges River as it is considered a sacred river in Hinduism. Visitors are welcomed during this period and a ritual that helps the soul to reincarnate is performed. A Hindu funeral typically takes place within one day and sometimes two days after the time of death. Bolton has the highest population of Hindu’s in the north of England. COVID-19 tip: If you're planning a virtual Hindu funeral using a service like GatheringUs, you can still adapt many of these Hindu traditions, like chants, prayers, and traditional music, to include your online guests. The ashes are typically scattered at a sacred body of water or at some other place of importance to the deceased. If you are of another religious denomination, then you would be expected to sit and quietly observe the Hindu funeral chants. It took four years of complex legal wrangling, nearly bankrupted an ailing Hindu guru and has cost the tax-payer tens of thousands of pounds. When death seems imminent, the body should, if possible, be transferred to a grass mat on the floor. Alternatively, many Indians are now choosing to scatter ashes at a local water body or at a preferred place of importance. Download our step by step guide to 'Arranging a funeral'. Shanti Funeral Services is an independent funeral service run by a compassionate caring family. Typically, the mourning period lasts for 13 days after a Hindu funeral. If you wish to send flowers, they should be sent to the family or funeral director before the funeral service. Women are guided to dress conservatively, covering their arms, chests and knees. What to bring to a Hindu funeral There are over 600,000 Hindus in the UK and they represent the third largest faith group in the country after Christians and Muslims. Hindu funeral etiquette. Mourners should wear simple, white clothing to the viewing and service – black formal clothing is not appropriate. In the United States, Hindus represent 1% of the US population with over 3 million followers living across the country. Cremation is usually the norm in Hindu funerals. This is not always possible now, as crematoria are often quite busy and may not be able to offer a time slot at short notice. If you wish to send flowers, they should be sent to the family or funeral director before the funeral service. Hindus living outside India may choose to repatriate their loved one’s ashes to India so that they can be spread over the Ganges, but this is not always practical or affordable. ©2020 All Rights Reserved Funeral Zone Ltd. Have you thought about your funeral wishes yet? We have conducted many Hindu Funerals across South London and Surrey, so are familiar with many locations. In the United Kingdom, the coffin will usually come to the home first for the ceremony and is then taken o the crematorium. You should do so quietly and respectfully, and without touching the person who has died. We are able to accommodate your requirements and create a tailored funeral for your loved one, This section will guide you through planning a fitting funeral service for a loved one, from choosing a coffin to writing a memorable eulogy, This guide provides a breakdown of funeral costs, from funeral director fees to optional extras such as flowers and memorials, A guide to what a Funeral Director does, questions to ask when arranging a funeral and how we take the greatest care, 4 King Edwards Court, King Edwards Square, But in the end open air cremations were legal all along. We understand arranging a funeral can be a daunting experience and a great amount of care and planning goes in to commemorating the life of a loved one. You can now get in contact with the top-notch funeral services, available near your place, and plan your funeral accordingly. The Hindu funeral is based on a belief in reincarnation, which means that when someone dies, the soul reincarnates into a different physical body or life form. A Hindu funeral takes place as swiftly as possible – according to custom it should have taken place by the next dusk or dawn, whichever occurs first. Traditionally, all Hindus (except babies, children and saints) are cremated. It is also very common for the deceased men to be wearing white clothes when buried. Although this belief is widely accepted in Hinduism, bear in mind that there are many denominations of Hinduism, each with differing customs and beliefs. Find out more information about other religious funerals. Typically, the bereaved mourn for 13 days after a Hindu funeral. To leave the repetitive cycle of birth and death, a person must attain moksha, a state of liberation where the soul is absorbed into Brahman, the transcendental life force in the Universe. However, the funeral may still take place fairly quickly. If you are looking for Hindu Funeral Directors or Jain Funeral Directors in UK with vast experience as funeral directors providing traditional funeral services as per your requirements then we as the leading Indian Funeral Directors in UK are at your service. Historically, all Hindu cremations would take place on the Ganges River in India, though it is now accepted to be cremated locally. The deceased is generally displayed in a simple casket with flowers placed at their feet. Women should dress conservatively, covering their arms and knees. Your local Dignity Funeral Director can cater for any type of religious funeral and will help arrange a fitting service which reflects your loved one's beliefs and final wishes. Due to the nature of Hindu funerals often being held at weekends, and the variance of location between home and crematorium, we price each funeral individually. VirtuosReviews features best Hindu funeral services available in UK. When it comes to Hindu funeral attire, mourners are often asked to wear white and avoid black. Hindus believe in the rebirth and reincarnation of souls. The cremation forms an important part of the Hindu funeral ritual, and it traditionally takes place within 24 hours of death. Antyesti - Funeral Traditions in Hinduism. It is usually not considered appropriate to bring food as a gift. ... Sunil, who came to live in the UK in the 1930s, was a high-caste Brahmin from Bengal. The colours may affect the type of funeral flowers a mourner sends to the family or how the deceased is dressed for their funeral. Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, B73 6AP. Typically, the casket is carried into the crematorium feet first, while mourners recite prayers. Types of funeral services: We know that it is important for Hindu families, to have their cremation held in a traditional way. as soon as reasonably possible at a crematorium. “Chandu Tailor and Son is a family run business. Turmeric is used if the person is female. According to Hindu death rituals, when a person dies, they remain at home before they are taken to the cremation venue. Traditionally, after a Hindu cremation the ashes of the deceased should be immersed in the Ganges River, though other rivers worldwide are becoming widely accepted. If the person is male, ash wood or sandalwood may be smeared on their forehead. Hindus believe in Karma - that the soul’s next incarnation depends on the actions of the individual in their previous life. Hindu funeral chants are reserved for those of Hindu faith. Customarily, the family would carry the casket to the crematorium site, but modern Hindu cremations allow for the casket to be transported by vehicle. Then it was on to Thorncliffe Crematorium for the ceremony. Mourning usually lasts for 13 days after a Hindu funeral. Hindu funeral rites are usually made up of chants or mantras, penned to be spoken at a funeral. The Forum was set up in the year 2000 to establish and maintain a cohesive link between all the Hindu Community organisations in Bolton. Once the Hindu cremation is complete, the service is over and mourners may go home. The day started at the Co-op Barrow Funeral Care to film the family arriving and the horse and Carriage as it left. Cumbria. In cases when this is not possible, a funeral home will attend to this ritual. Hindu funeral chants are reserved for those of Hindu faith. My father's Hindu funeral Tanith Carey's father, Kim, was born a Hindu. Learn More About Our Funeral Options C. Middleton & Son Ltd Funeral Directors Head Office 436 Buxton Road, Great Moor, Stockport, SK2 7JQ Tel: +44(0)161 483 3263 Fax: … Traditionally, on the day following a Hindu funeral, the ashes are scattered in the River Ganges considered sacred by the Hindus. Non-Hindu mourners are generally welcome to participate in Hindu funeral rites, but there is no pressure to take part if this compromises your own religious beliefs. The Hindu mourning period lasts for thirteen days (Terahvin), with the ceremony traditionally being held on the thirteenth day. Hindu funeral flowers are a common tradition. What happens at a Hindu cremation? Towards the end of the viewing, some Hindus observe the custom of placing rice balls close to their loved one. Hindus are told to avoid any unnecessary touching of the deceased, as it seen as impure. Hindu funeral rites take the form of chants, or mantras, which are … Hindu rituals and practices are often related to colours, flowers, and smells, and for Hindu funerals, colours have a special significance. Dress down, not up. A guide to Hindu funerals, cremation and death rituals. The burning issue of Hindu funeral pyres Open-air funeral pyres have been at the heart of Hinduism for 4,000 years. During this time, it is customary for families to have a picture of their loved one displayed in the house, adorned with a garland of flowers. The priest will then explain what Hindu beliefs are regarding death and what happens to the soul after death, to comfort the grieving family. Hindu funeral traditions serve as both a celebration of life and a remembrance of the person who has passed away. What to wear to a Hindu funeral? Under such difficult times, Vishwa Hindu Parishad UK (World Council of Hindus) is offering its Last Rite Services to those who wish to avail themselves, with all humility and dignity. Hindu funeral rites are usually made up of chants or mantras, penned to be spoken at a funeral. Hindu funeral ceremony by the Bagmati river, kathmandu, Nepal, more on my blog: http://nepal-travelandphotography.blogspot.com/ If the cremation takes place in India, it is generally performed near the Ganges river. We always provide an exceptional service and value for money. A viewing will normally take place before a Hindu cremation, but since the cremation typically happens within 24 hours after death, they are usually brief. Although death is a sad occasion, Hindus believe in reincarnation and see death as a transition bringing the soul closer to nirvana (heaven), so funerals tend to have an atmosphere of hope and joy as well as sadness for the loss of a relative or friend. According to Hindu funeral customs there is usually an open casket and guests are expected to view it. Funeral traditions. Shanti Funeral Services offer a … In the UK, many Hindu families have the body cremated. Hindus try to hold the funeral service before the sun goes down on the day that death takes place. After a Hindu Funeral. The service led by a Hindu priest and the elders of the family will consist of chanting and prayers. The funeral is usually conducted by a priest and by the eldest son of the person who has died. A small amount of water from the Ganges River should be placed in the dying person’s mouth. During this time, the deceased’s family receive visitors at their home, with a photograph of the person who has passed away prominently displayed alongside a garland of flowers. You’ll hear prayers and hymns. Traditionally, the bereaved wash their loved one. What to wear to a Hindu funeral differs greatly from most other major religions. We are proud to help families plan a funeral that's unique to their loved ones. Sometimes during a Hindu funeral, the family will place a lamp near the head of their loved one or sprinkle water on them. The person who has died will be displayed in a simple casket with flowers placed at the feet, and a garland of flowers or a necklace of wooden beads draped around the neck. You can read more about the Hindu mourning period below. We promise to support you through one of the most difficult times of your life. Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world with over 1.1 billion followers with most living in India and Nepal. Hindu Funeral Traditions, Customs, and Beliefs. Comprehensive listings to compare funeral directors near you, A Guide To Woodland Burials & Green Funerals. For Free advice & support regarding Hindu funerals Call our customer care team on 0161 483 3263. Hindu funeral rites and rituals may vary depending on the sect, family traditions and the location of the family of the dead person. One year after the death, the family of the deceased will observe a memorial event called ‘sraddha’, paying homage to their loved one. Shortly after someone passes away, it is the traditional Hindu custom to light a lamp at the deceased’s head. Brainstorm with your funeral director, event planner, or religious leader to help you figure out the logistics or any limitations. Acknowledging there are diverse Hindu beliefs, VHP offers a Minimum Common scriptural text that satisfies Hindu Funeral Rites. Then the bereaved will circle their loved one in prayer and observe the cremation. Before the deceased is cremated, many Hindus place ‘pinda’ (rice balls) close to their loved one. Hindu funeral rites have many variations, so keep in mind that other versions of the following ceremony are possible. The funeral ceremony is called antyeshti samskara, which form the last of the samskaras and vary according to tradition and place. Any population who migrates to a different country, to a certain extent, will have to assimilate their customs and traditions into the adopted country, Hindus and Hinduism is no different. Hindu funerals take place in the home of the deceased’s or those of their close family members. Indian entrepreneur Nitesh Mehta says his SarvaPooja funeral kits contain the 38 essential items needed for sacred Hindu final rites – and are an ideal solution for bereaved urban professionals with busy lifestyles, or people living overseas. Those present should chant mantras or play a recording of mantras being chanted. The person who has died is traditionally only touched when absolutely necessary. Instead, funeral etiquette is that mourners (both male and female) should dress in white. Today, most crematoria can accommodate the traditions and rituals of a Hindu cremation. When a Hindu is approaching death, a priest should be contacted and the priest and the family should gather to be with the dying person. Dried cow dung, holy water, sandalwood and incense are among the components of an unusual funeral-in-a-box kit being sold online. If you are of another religious denomination, then you would be expected to sit and quietly observe the Hindu funeral chants. This particular funeral was a Hindu Funeral, which was very beautiful and it took place at Thorncliffe Cemetery and Crematorium in Barrow-in-Furness. Hindu Funeral Ceremony: The Cremation. For Hindus in India, the ashes of the person who has died would be scattered in the River Ganges. In Hinduism, death is considered a great departure. Hindu funeral flowers are a common tradition. Unlike other religions, black is considered inappropriate for a Hindu funeral. At the service, referred to as a wake, mourners may dress casually. Hindu funeral rites will vary among families and locations, but here are some common customs: Mourners at a Hindu funeral wear simple, white, casual clothes. On the first anniversary of the death, the family celebrate a memorial event that honours their loved one’s life. This may not always be possible outside India but it will take place as soon as possible. If this is not possib… No head covering is required for either sex and open-toe shoes are also acceptable. This guide will explain what happens at a funeral; including the funeral procession, funeral service, committal service and the wake, Learn more about different types of funeral, from traditional religious and non-religious services to alternative funerals, The choices available to you are limitless. In a traditional Hindu funeral there are certain things that happen, including: A lamp is placed by the head of the body; Prayers and hymns being sung; Pindas (rice balls) placed in the coffin; Water sprinkled on the body; A ‘mala’ – a necklace of wooden … According to Hinduism, when the physical body dies, the soul reincarnates into another life force. According to Hindu funeral customs, the body remains at the home until it is cremated, which is usually within 24 hours after death. Hinduism, with over a billion followers worldwide, first originated in India. For the same reason, embalming is rare and unnecessary. With our 27 years of experience in the profession and my personal 21 years of service, me and my trusted team will help you through all the funeral arrangements.” What happens at a Hindu Funeral in the UK? Hindu Funeral Ashes: why the Thames? In preparation, the body is usually washed in purified water by family members and close friends before the viewing of the deceased can take place. A priest or oldest son (or other male) of the family preside at the service. Hindus living outside India may choose to repatriate their loved one’s ashes so that they can be spread over the Ganges, but this is not always practical or affordable. Colors to Wear to a Hindu Funeral. This guide will explain typical Hindu funeral etiquette and what death rituals must take place before a Hindu cremation. The ceremony itself can last for approximately 30 minutes. Traditionally, all Hindus (except babies, children and saints) are cremated. Whilst Hindus mourn the passing of their loved one, they also celebrate the onward journey of the soul to the next incarnation which they see as a step closer to Nirvana (Heaven). No gifts or flowers should be brought to the funeral, although flowers may be sent or brought ahead of time. To the Hindu culture white means purity, and it is used to show respect to the departed and the family. According to Hindu funeral customs there is usually an open casket and guests are expected to view it. You should do so quietly and respectfully, and without touching the person who has died. Carrying Body by Foot. Hindu … Family and friends usually gather around the casket to perform Hindu funeral chants or prayers. While in most cultures wearing black to a funeral is the norm, during a Hindu funeral most mourners will wear white. The funeral. Traditionally, the funeral should take place as soon as possible. The day to day business is led by me, Jay Tailor, the son of Chandu and Hansa Tailor. Hindu funeral prayers, including mantras and hymns are recited by family and friends around the casket for the duration of the viewing as part of the Hindu funeral rites. However, this isn’t always possible due to crematoria demand. Hindu funeral rites. In the funeral service, the casket will be open, and all guests are expected to view the casket but not touch the deceased.

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